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Infectious Disease Cleanup | Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Spread of infectious diseases are at a high risk rate. These infecting agents may be transmitted through liquids, food, body fluids, contaminated items, and airborne inhalation.

HAZstat offers prevention treatment services for hotels, healthcare, nursing homes, schools, daycare, transportation services and other facilities.

Standard cleaners do not kill COVID-19 (Coronavirus), MRSA, C-diff, HIV and Hepatitis.

If a family member, staff, co-worker or anyone in home or facility has been diagnosed with an infectious disease, or are showing symptoms, it is imperative that the living space be contained and decontaminated.

Any items touched or used are possible contaminates, and in many cases, the pathogens may be airborne. These require special cleaning agents and procedures. Areas where body fluids and blood has been spilled should not be cleaned up by ordinary methods. Surfaces, items and even air space need to be decontaminated properly by a biohazard cleanup. Trust Hazstat, licensed and experienced to conduct such work. Not doing so puts anyone exposed to the environment at risk of contracting the infectious disease.

There is no way of determining the presence of such infections posing a risk to your health. It is recommended that you should contact infectious disease cleanup experts to eliminate the health risk.

We can provide your facility with a one time or scheduled plan to keep your daily business operating without the concern of surface and the concern of getting or spreading bacterium and blood-borne diseases.

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