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Body Decomposition Cleanup Services

HAZstat offers professional body decomposition cleanup for undiscovered deaths in Central Florida. in the event of unforeseen death of a loved one, we can provide you with a complete and thorough dead body cleanup services. Our team has years of experience in cleaning, decontamination, and deodorizing the area where the body decomposition took place. No matter what time the deceased person has remained unattended, we are fully equipped to deal with the aftermath.

Body decomposition cleanup is a disturbing and difficult process that poses serious health hazards. It involves a lot more than simply cleaning the bloodstains and removing odors. Decomposition is a natural process in which the internal gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia, are created within the body, causing it to bloat. When the pressure increases, it results in the rupturing of the skin and releasing of these gases along with the bodily fluids. These substances can contaminate the carpet, flooring, and other objects surrounding the dead body. Therefore, an in-depth cleanup is required to prevent the spread of bacteria and avoid exposure to various blood-borne pathogens.

Why we strongly discourage unattended death cleanup by family or friends

  • Psychological and emotional trauma you may have to go through
  • Not having access to the proper tools and equipment
  • Risk of cross-contamination
  • Insufficient knowledge about approved cleaning and disposal procedures in Daytona Beach
  • No access to protective gear
  • Exposure to unidentified blood-borne pathogens and biohazards

The team of professional cleaners at HAZstat specializes in remedying such situations at homes, offices, and automobiles in Daytona Beach. We follow legally approved cleaning and disinfecting procedures to make sure the area is restored to a safe and habitable state.

Contact Us For Proper After Dealth Cleanup And Sanitization In Central Florida

In the event that you need cleaning services for an undiscovered death or decomposed body at your property in Central Florida contact HAZstat.

  • We are a licensed biohazard cleanup company having legal certification to clean, package and discard biological contaminants from your home office or vehicle.
  • We will completely remove all the blood, bodily fluids, bacteria, and other disease-causing microorganisms to return the area to its previous sanitation level.
  • Our team will arrive within 1-3 hours and maintain discretion throughout the cleaning process. All our vehicles are unmarked to ensure your privacy.

Get in touch with HAZstat for thorough body decomposition cleanup services in Central, FL.  We can be reached at (407) 809-5559.