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Unattended Death Cleanup Services In Orlando, FL

Bacteria are responsible for the odor of body decomposition. Traditional home cleaning solutions are not sufficient to safely clean, sanitize and disinfect areas that are affected by human decomposition from an unattended death. Only a qualified biohazard removal specialist should cleanup after the body has been removed. Attempting to remove any biohazardous waste from the scene can be dangerous. These situations often contain a large amount of blood, decal matter and bodily fluid.


Why use a Professional Decomposition Cleanup Technician?

Cleanup is a difficult task but with the right after cleanup specialists the area is cleaned and a safe area to return to. Unattended deaths are more common than what you may think. If you find yourself in a situation that requires cleanup, don’t do it yourself. There are to many risks with improper cleanup and emotional trauma as well as odors that alone may be too much to handle for many people and especially difficult for family members.

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