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Hoarding Cleanup Services In The Villages, FL

For more than 20 years, HAZstat has been providing help for hoarders across The Villages, FL. Dealing with a family member or loved one who has the habit of hoarding things is quite stressful. Let us provide complete hoarding cleanup help to restore the property to its previous state and make it livable again. Our cleaning professionals are compassionate and know how to clean the property in a productive manner, without hurting the sentiments of the hoarder.

Hoarding is a psychological problem and should not be taken lightly. The accumulation of trash, junk items, rotten food, biological wastes, animal feces, rodent droppings in the house can lead to various health problems. It can also cause fire and safety hazards in the home. Over time, it may also trigger the growth of bacteria, virus and mold, leading to serious damage to the home’s foundation. Our technicians can help you clean the clutter and make your home organized again.

Our Clutter Cleaning Process

  • First, we will determine the condition of the hoarded area to identify which parts need immediate attention.
  • We will help you sort out the items, dispose of the junk and recover the valuables as well as important documents.
  • Our team will remove the rodent droppings, feces, urine, dead animals and biohazard wastes from the area.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be performed for an in-depth sanitization.
  • We will also use high quality deodorizers to refresh the home.
  • If required, we will arrange for the repairs required for areas that have been damaged due to hoarding.

Contact Our Hoarding Cleanup Team To Get Your Home Back!

Seeking professional help for hoarders is important to help them overcome their psychological problem and bring their home back to an organized state. HAZstat offers cleaning services for hoarding of trash, food, animals, books and periodicals, shopping items etc. in The Villages. Here are the reasons you can count on us for hoarding cleanup services in HAZstat:

  • Licensed, insured and experienced technicians
  • Locally owned and operated hoarding cleanup company
  • Quick response time of 1 to 3 hours in The Villages
  • We drive unmarked vehicles for the privacy of our clients
  • Provision of dumpsters, pods and storage containers for removal of hoarded items
  • Proper disposal of biological contaminants with legally approved procedures

Feel free to call us at (407) 809-5559 for more details about the hoarding cleanup services provided in The Villages, FL.