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Hoarding Cleanup Services In St. Augustine, FL

HAZstat offers complete hoarding cleanup services in St. Augustine, FL. For more than 20 years, we have been providing help for hoarders across the city. We know hoarding situations can be quite unhygienic and lead to many health problems for the hoarder as well as the other people living in the house. Piles of trash, rodent droppings, papers, animal feces, rotten food etc. can make the rooms unusable and lead to the growth of biohazardous agents.

At HAZstat, we offer a lot more than just clutter cleaning. We offer in-depth hoarding cleanup help so you can get rid of the unnecessary items and make your home hygienic again. Our technicians will trash out all the hoarded items from your house and dispose them off according to the legally approved procedures.

Our Hoarding Cleanup Services Can Help:

  • Animal hoarders
  • Food hoarders
  • Trash and garbage hoarders
  • Shopping hoarders
  • Books, periodicals and journals hoarders, etc.

Why You Need Hoarding Cleanup?

Hoarding situations are not only psychologically distressing but also pose various health risks. Regular exposure to trash, feces, urine, blood, rotten food and other such items can lead to unsafe living conditions. It can also make the room unusable, block HVAC vents, prevent normal cleaning, lead to mold and bacterial growth and pose a fire hazard.

When you contact HAZstat for property cleanup, you can be completely assured that we will bring your home back to the pre-hoarding condition. We are at your service at every step of the process, right from removing the unrequired items to packaging it for proper disposal. Our team will handle everything with utmost compassion and respect, while ensuing not to hurt the sentiments of the hoarder.

Contact Us For Complete Property Cleanup Services In St. Augustine

If you need the most professional and dedicated hoarding cleanup services in St. Augustine, count on HAZstat. Our team has years of experience in providing hoarding cleanup help for homes and offices across the city. Our technicians are qualified, licensed and fully insured so you do not have to worry about the quality of our services. Our property cleanup process includes:

  • Decluttering the property and removing the junk
  • Helping you find the important documents, legal papers and other expensive items
  • Removing the garbage, urine, rodent droppings, dead animals etc.
  • Deodorizing and decontaminating the area
  • Providing dumpsters and storage containers for proper transportation of hoarded items
  • Donating the unwanted items to charitable organizations

For more information about our hoarding cleanup services in St. Augustine, FL, you can call us at (904) 309-9939.