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Crime Scene Cleanup Services In St. Augustine, FL

We, at HAZstat, are experienced in cleaning and restoring your property to habitable state following a suicide, homicide, accident or any other crime scene. Our trauma cleanup team has complete knowledge of the safest and most efficient ways to eliminate the biohazards from your home, vehicle or office in St. Augustine, FL. We will detect and remove even the minor traces of blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, fingerprint dust powder, tear gas and other hazardous material from the crime scene. We make sure that when we leave, your property has been restored to a pre-accident condition.

When you contact HAZstat for crime scene clean up in St. Augustine, you can rest assured that your privacy will never be compromised. Our cleaning technicians perform their job discreetly and drive unmarked vehicles to the accident site. We are experienced and trained to work in sensitive situations like suicide, homicide, shooting, stabbing, trauma etc. Our goal is to help you get through the incident without having to traumatize yourself by cleaning the crime scene.

Crime Scene Cleanup: What We Do?

  • First, we will restrict access to the crime scene to prevent cross contamination and further spreading of the micro-organisms.
  • Our technicians will use specialized cleaners to remove blood stains and bodily fluids.
  • We will also remove all the clothes, linens, furniture and furnishings that have been contaminated.
  • Multiple disinfection and deodorization treatments will be performed until complete removal of all the blood-borne pathogens.
  • Lastly, all the biohazards will be packed and disposed as per the legally approved procedures in St. Augustine.

We Are The Trusted Name For Crime Scene Cleanup Services In St. Augustine

When you need the most efficient and immediate crime scene cleanup services in St. Augustine, count on HAZstat. Over the years, our cleaning professionals have worked diligently to help families and property owners recover from the traumatizing event. Here are some of the reasons you can rely on us for complete clean-up of the accident scene:

  • We use best-in-class cleaning procedures to completely disinfect and deodorize the contaminated area.
  • Our technicians are licensed, insured and use the OSHA recommended protective gear to ensure safety during the cleaning process.
  • HAZstat is registered with the Florida Department of Health to offer crime scene cleanup services for suicides, homicides and accident sites in St. Augustine.
  • We not only clean but also remove, package and dispose of the biohazard wastes from the crime scene.
  • Our cleaning professionals are available round the clock and have a quick response time of 1 to 3 hours.

For more information on our crime scene cleanup services in St. Augustine, FL, call us at (904) 309-9939.