Biohazard Mattress Removal Services in Florida

On this page, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why a biohazard mattress removal is needed. This happens when a mattress or other furniture contains blood and/or bodily fluids. As well as, feces, urine and vomit. These items need special attention for the removal and disposal process.

This is also true for blood soiled carpet in which carpet cleaning can not be utilized. Most important, Items containing biological substances can not be dumped at a landfill. Furthermore, should never be removed by a unqualified standard cleaning company. Calling a licensed biohazard cleaning company is vital in properly disposing of a mattress or any other biohazardous materials .

Proper Disposal of a Blood Soiled Mattress

There are many causes in which a mattress may need to be disposed of by a registered biohazard waste transporter. For instance, an undiscovered death on a mattress in which a decomposition cleanup is needed. If not properly broken down and disposed of properly could cause long lasting health risks for anyone who comes in contact.

In addition to our biohazard mattress removal service, HAZstat offers the removal of a bed mattress following the passing of a loved one who has been bed ridden, a hospice patient, or has had a terminal illness. HAZstat understands the emotional sorrow that accompanies a death. We will make every effort to make this process less traumatic for all loved ones involved. In addition, we can arrange to arrive after a death to clean all areas and remove all soiled bedding from the home. 

Bloody Mattress Removal from HAZstat

Additionally, HAZstat is one of a few local companies licensed with the state of Florida. We can properly and legally remove small or large soiled items including a couch and recliner. All soiled bedding will be packaged as well as, disposed of to a registered facility. Contact us if you need a biohazard mattress removed from your residence.
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