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Decomposition Cleanup Services in Florida

Decomposition cleanup scenes can be among the most difficult. A deceased person that has been undiscovered for a period of time can cause a large amount of unseen damage to a home or property. Potential health hazards can ensue if not remediated properly and thoroughly.

There are many threats that accompany human health when a body decomposes. Coming in direct contact with bodily fluids can lead to severe health risks to infectious diseases, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. Decaying odors which accompany these scenes can permeate throughout the structure including walls, carpet, concrete, wood, and personal items. Having all the appropriate qualifications and equipment is crucial for any decomposition cleanup. 

HAZstat specializes in handling these sensitive situations from an animal or human decomposition in Florida. We are also qualified to provide vehicle cleanup services for a decomposition in an automobile.

When a person passes away on a bed mattress, chair, sofa or on carpeting, the contaminated areas will need to be cut out, properly packaged and disposed of to a biohazard facility. Find out more information on proper disposal at mattress removal services.

HAZstat is a registered medical waste transporter with the Florida Department of Health. We will rapidly respond to your situation with compassion and discretion. Our trained technicians will thoroughly remove all traces of biological substances as quickly as possible. Contact us for any questions you may have about costs of service or if your insurance will cover a decomposition cleanup. 

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