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Tear Gas Cleanup Services in Florida

When law enforcement is forced to fire tear gas into a home or business, property owners are responsible for the tear gas cleanup. Without the proper removal, tear gas can continue to cause symptoms of respiratory distress as well as eye, nose, mouth and throat irritation.

CN, CS, and OC are the different types of tear gas used to flush out a suspect. The chemical composition of tear gas makes it impossible for anyone to withstand its effects. Tear gas is shot by canister which itself is shaped like a small torpedo. When the canister hits inside the structure it ruptures, releasing a fine oily mist that penetrates all areas of a room.

Usually several canisters are fired making it virtually impossible for a suspect to hide. Unfortunately, the entire house is uninhabitable after such an event. Tear gas usually leaves pink or other color paint on walls and other surfaces where the canisters have ruptured. 

HAZstat understands these occurrences can be overwhelming. The damages to a property can be devastating. We have the knowledge, the equipment and the expertise to ensure that your home or organization is protected and restored to safe and clean environment as quickly as possible.

Homeowners insurance in most cases will cover a tear gas cleanup. Find out more about costs and payment options at crime scene cleanup costs. When professional tear gas cleanup services are needed Contact HAZstat to remove all traces of tear gas residue and odor completely and thoroughly. 

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