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Hoarding Cleanup Help In Satellite Beach, Florida

We, at HAZstat, offer hoarding cleanup services to individuals and families across Satellite Beach, FL. Our team understands the complexities and difficulties involved in cleaning such places. Thus, we opt for a systematic and professional approach to make your property clutter-free and safe to live in. We are a one-stop solution for hoarding clean up services at any location in Satellite Beach – homes, offices, shops, garages, basements etc.  Our highly trained technicians use the necessary equipment and protective gear to ensure thorough cleaning of your premises.

What Is Hoarding?

  • Excessive accumulation of possessions (regardless of their value)
  • Difficulty and inability to discard the collected items
  • It may pose dangers and health hazards for hoarder as well as other people in the property

The cleanup crew at HAZstat have an in-depth knowledge of cleaning, disinfecting and removing bio-hazard materials – trash, animal urine/feces, mold, rodents and much more. We aim at providing you with utmost clean property while meeting your specific requirements. Our cleaning experts will sort through the contents to recover all the functioning as well as valuable items. These may include important documents, statements, bills, photographs, jewelry, money etc. We will make sure that your place is thoroughly cleaned without causing you any additional stress or trouble.

Hoarding Cleanup Help Offered By HAZstat In Satellite Beach

  • Removing clutter and thoroughly cleaning the property
  • Disinfecting the home and restoring it to a habitable state
  • Locating lost jewelry, hidden money, documents and/or other valuable items
  • Recycling and shredding, if required

Why Choose Us For Hoarding Cleanup In Satellite Beach?

  • More than 20 years of experience in hoarding cleaning
  • Registered with the Florida Department of Health
  • Highly trained cleanup experts
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • We provide accurate estimates with no hidden costs
Non-Judgmental & Discreet Hoarding Cleanup Services

If you or your friend in Satellite Beach is dealing with Compulsive Hoarding, let us help you with the situation. The cleaning experts at HAZstat can be reached at (407) 809-5559. With our quick response time, we are able to address your hoarding clean-up needs within 1 to 3 hours. We assure you that we will be completely non-judgmental and strive our best to make your situation better. Also, we use unmarked vehicles and uniforms while performing cleanup services to conceal our work from the media as well as your neighbors.