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Property Managers And Realtors Should Use A Crime Scene Cleaning Company To Cleanout Properties

Beware in “Property Cleanouts”

Unlike a typical general purpose cleaning company or carpet cleaning company; blood, bodily fluids and other biohazards need to be approached by a professional biohazard remediation and hoarding cleaning company. The removal of blood and bodily fluids requires a special process to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Removal of all potential bloodborne pathogens and blood stains from the property is a must and can be accomplished quickly by trained, knowledgeable professionals with the appropriate equipment. Don’t trust your rental properties and homes to anyone. You are risking the heath of anyone who comes into contact with the infected area and possibly heavy fines.

Property Managers and Realtors beware in cleanouts:
• The dangers of biohazards left after a death or accident
• Sharp items left behind like broken glass, diabetic needles
• Hidden infected areas in closets and under beds
• Biohazard cleanup companies that do not completely remove or dispose of biohazard materials properly
• Blood pathogens/disease spreading bodily fluids (feces, urine)
• Improperly trained individuals cleaning infected property
• Companies not registered with the Department Of Health (DOH)

In many property cleanup cases there are items such as broken glass and needles left behind. This is especially true in hoarding situations where these items may be buried among the clutter. These items should be handled and disposed of properly to avoid infection and contamination. Individuals who are not properly trained may miss items that could potentially cause harm to themselves or another person and become a liability to the property manager or realtor responsible for the cleanup.

HAZstat is Central Florida’s choice for property and hoarding cleanup, blood cleaning and trauma situations, such as industrial accidents, homicide/suicide, trauma, unattended death, medical situations and transportation accidents. We are the experts in blood cleanup and biohazard waste removal for realtors, property managers as well as for all residential homes and properties. It takes a trained professional to find potential biohazards and removal must be done with the appropriate equipment. Equipment used needs to be properly cleaned and the items used to clean the infected areas must be disposed of correctly in appropriate medical waste biohazard bags and containers to avoid any further contamination to the property.

HAZstat removes and sanitizes blood stains, rotting food, pet waste, trash etc. from the area using rigorous cleaning procedures, biohazard removal, disinfection of affected areas and adjacent areas. All items are removed and transported for proper disposal. This prevents the spread of infection and disease to other areas of the property and eliminates contamination to others.

We strive to return the home or property to normal as quickly as possible. HAZstat will respond rapidly and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the property and hoarding cleanup services you need and to make a difficult task a little easier to handle.

Contact HAZstat when you need assistance in an estate clean-out, foreclosure clean-out, hoarding cleanup, blood cleanup, biohazard cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup or just junk removal. We are here for you with our proficiency and provide the highest level of respect and professionalism.

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