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Proper Soiled Mattress Disposal

Proper Bed Mattress, Carpet and Furniture Removal and Disposal after Death or Soiled with Blood or Bodily Fluids.

A bed mattress, couch, chair, carpet or other furniture that are soiled with; blood, feces, urine, vomit or any biohazards are best handled by qualified professionals. Special attention needs to be given to a heavily soiled bloody mattress needing a mattress disposal service. This can occur after a person is left undiscovered on a bed, usually from natural causes or terminal illness. Many unattended death scenes may require professional odor removal services depending on the decomposition phase of the body.

Proper removal and disposal of contaminated items is vital for the health and safety of the community. A Florida registered biohazard cleanup company that is licensed to transport bio-hazardous waste should be called to avoid any possible risk of exposure to infectious diseases. It is recommended that friends, family members, or yourself do not try to remove items containing biological materials especially from a crime, trauma or death scene for safety as well as emotional well-being.


HAZstat technicians are specially trained in the cleaning up of blood and other biohazards. HAZstat can properly and legally remove and dispose of any bed mattresses, carpet and furniture that have been soiled with blood and/or bodily fluids to a registered facility in Florida.
HAZstat will come into your home with compassion and understanding to your situation. Our priority is to arrive in a professional and discreet manner to help the families we serve. HAZstat offers 24 hour rapid confidential response prepared to handle any mattress disposal service in a home or on a property.

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