Professional Odor Removal Services

Professional Odor Removal Services in Florida

We provide the best odor removal service throughout Central Florida.

Professional Odor Removal Services


Trust HAZstat’s professional odor removal services to eliminate any odor including pet, smoke, or decomposition. Without the use of proper training and equipment odors can remain trapped in your home, vehicle or commercial building.

Odors can be difficult to isolate and eliminate. Strong odors may seem airborne, but they can permeate every item including: mattresses, furniture, carpets, under flooring, even within walls and attics. These underlying surfaces that are causing the odor may need to be removed, treated and/or replaced.

The goal of any professional odor removal is to neutralize it at its source. HAZstat has the experience and the equipment to eliminate bad odors completely. We will identify where the odor is coming from, what is causing the odor and then provide a FREE ESTIMATE with the best treatment plan for you. As a result, when you have a lingering odor that seems to never go away you need to use a professional odor removal service like HAZstat.

Odors can come from a variety of sources:

Cigarette Smoke Odor / Tobacco Odor Vomit Odor
Dead Animal Odor Hoarding Odor
Food / Cooking Odor Animal Hoarding Odor
Fire and Smoke Odor Skunk Odor
Pet Odor Sewage Odor
Cat Urine Odor Mold Odor
Feces Odor Mildew Odor
Decomposition Odor Fungus Odor
Garbage /  Trash Odor Musty Odor

Be odor free! Call for a free estimate today!  Toll Free: 855-429-7828 

no-odorOrlando: 407-809-5559

Tampa: 813-803-5500

Jacksonville: 904-309-9939


Cost for a Professional Odor Removal Service

Odor removal service cost can vary depending on a few factors:

  • the size of the area where the odor is to be removed
  • the origination of the odor (pet, smoke, urine etc…)
  • the amount of saturation
  • the item or items pertaining the odor (carpet, wall, bedding, couch etc…)

HAZstat will identify the source and before starting any treatment we will provide a FREE QUOTE with the best treatment plan for your odor removal problem. HAZstat strives to be eco-friendly and eliminate odors naturally by using environmentally safe methods.

For an accurate quote contact our odor removal specialist waiting to take your call.

HAZstat will answer all your questions and provide the best odor removal treatment plan for the best price.

HAZstat can remove bad odors from:

Professional Odor Removal Services

Home Odor Removal Limousine Odor Removal
Rental Property Odor Removal Bus Odor Removal
Business Odor Removal Restaurant Odor Removal
Motor Home / RV Odor Removal Hotel Odor Removal
Yacht / Boat Odor Removal Motel Odor Removal
Vehicle Odor Removal Apartment Odor Removal
Car Odor Removal School Odor Removal
Truck Odor Removal Fitness Gym / Locker Odor Removal
Taxi Odor Removal Elderly Care Facility Odor Removal

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