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Body Decomposition Cleanup Services

HAZstat offers body decomposition cleanup services and unattended death cleanup services in Oviedo, FL. We understand that an undiscovered death can be overwhelming, emotionally challenging, and needs to be dealt with immediately. Our team of professional cleaners has expertise in cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the area where the dead body has decomposed. We are fully equipped with specialized tools to guarantee a clean and disinfected area after the cleaning process.

An undiscovered death, whether for days or weeks, can be potentially hazardous to everyone in and around the area. In the hot and humid climate of Oviedo, it may take only 12 hours for the body to start decomposing. When this happens, the body tissues break down and lead to the release of various gases as well as bodily fluids. These substances can penetrate the carpets, floorboards, linens, and upholstery, leaving behind stains as well as unpleasant odors. The bacteria released during body decomposition also attracts insects, which further spreads the toxic material and increases the stench.

At HAZstat, we specialize in dead body cleanup in homes and offices across Oviedo. We also provide cleaning services for an undiscovered death in an automobile. We understand the biohazards involved in the cleanup of a decomposed body and strictly follow the protocols specified by Florida Department of Health.

The Deceased Person Cleanup Process

The body decomposition cleaners at HAZstat will begin by removing all the blood, bodily fluids as well as objects that have come in direct contact with the dead body, including furniture, upholstery, furnishings, clothing etc. Anything that has been slightly contaminated will be cleaned and sanitized. We will also take away everything that has absorbed the foul odor due to decomposition of the body. After this, we will ventilate the area and perform ozone treatment to remove the remaining odors.

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    We Are The Experts In Unattended Death Cleanup

    HAZstat has extensive experience in providing in-depth cleaning following an unattended death or body decomposition. We are licensed and registered to legally clean-up, transport and dispose of the biohazard waste from a dead body cleanup in Oviedo. We will completely remove all the traces of blood and bodily fluids to prevent further contamination of the area. Our cleaning experts understand the emotional impact of the death of a loved one and therefore, handle each case with the utmost compassion. We maintain complete discretion throughout the cleaning process to ensure your privacy and integrity.

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