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Hoarding Cleanup Services In Lakeland, FL

If you are looking for hoarding cleaning services in Lakeland, FL, get in touch with HAZstat. We provide complete assistance in clutter cleaning and restoring the previous sanitation levels of your property. Our trained professionals will use advanced techniques to disinfect your property, remove the unnecessary items and make the hoarded area reusable.

At HAZstat, we understand that accumulation of trash, rotting food and insect infestations can trigger the growth of various biohazards in the house. That is why, we come equipped with the essential cleaning tools to provide a safe living environment to the hoarders as well as their family members. Our experts offer complete help for hoarders in sorting out valuable assets, important documents, bills and photographs from the hoarded stuff. We will also remove as well as dispose of any biohazard wastes as per the state and federal regulations.

Property Cleanup Services In Lakeland

  • Cleaning and disinfecting your property
  • Removing trash and junk
  • Cleaning clutter
  • Deodorizing the property
  • Recovering valuables
  • Packaging and disposing biohazard wastes

We Also Provide Help For Animal Hoarders

Animal hoarding can have a devastating effect on the occupants of the house. The presence of biohazards such as urine, feces, rodent droppings etc. can lead to many health problems. That is why, you require professional hoarding clean up services to ensure your safety and avoid any health risks to the animals. Our trained and professional team uses efficient cleaning methods to sanitize your property. We also perform deodorization treatments to help you get rid of foul odors and make your home conducive to live.

Why Choose HAZstat For Hoarding Cleanup Services In Lakeland?

  • Licensed and insured company in Lakeland
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Cost effective hoarding cleanup help
  • State-of-the-art cleaning equipment

With our effective planning and detailed execution, we can help to keep your property clean as well as clutter-free. Our team is compassionate and handles all the cleanup tasks with individualized attention. We also use protective gear to avoid exposure to any infectious pathogens during the hoarding cleanup process.

When you work with HAZstat, you can rest assured that our team will maintain complete confidentiality. We strictly adhere to the guidelines specified by Occupational Safety and Health Act for proper cleanup of your Lakeland based property. Our cleaning vehicles are unmarked for discretion and we will never reveal the details to your neighbors.

For more information about the hoarding cleanup services provided by HAZstat in Lakeland, FL, you can contact us at

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