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Unattended Death Cleanup Services In Lakeland, FL

Dealing with the aftermath of an unattended death can be a grim experience for the family members and loved ones. We, at HAZstat, offer complete cleaning and decontamination services following an undiscovered death at your home or office in Lakeland, FL. Our thorough body decomposition clean-up process will remove all the bacteria and toxic wastes from your home

How Can An Unattended Death Affect Your Home In Lakeland?

An undiscovered death can leave an indelible impact on the emotional and physical health of the family members. As the body starts to decompose, it releases blood tissues, bodily fluids, pathogens, etc. that can pose a health risk to the occupants of the property. It can also lead to contamination of furniture, upholstery, clothing, etc. Moreover, the odors released during body decomposition can make the house inhabitable. Thus, it is required to conduct a thorough cleanup as soon as possible.

At HAZstat, we understand the level of emotional stress that comes along with the unexpected loss of a friend or family member. In such a situation, we do not want you to traumatize yourself by having to clean the remnants. Our experts come fully prepared to conduct a remediation process to remove the stains and bodily fluids that may have spread due to body decomposition. We use advanced cleaning equipment, specialized disinfectants, and high-quality cleaners to bring the home to its original state of sanitation. Our cleanup services are aimed at ensuring the complete safety of the family members.

Why Choose Us For Unattended Death Cleanup Services In Lakeland?

  • State-of-the-art cleaning equipment
  • Experienced and licensed technicians
  • Round the clock services
  • Thorough and efficient cleaning
  • Licensed and registered with the Florida Department of Health
  • Quick response to queries
  • Emergency deceased person cleanup services

Contact Us For Unattended Death Cleanup In Lakeland

When you need unattended death cleanup services in Lakeland, you can count on HAZstat. When you call us, our team will reach within 1 to 3 hours and make sure cleanup is done in a timely as well as professional manner. We follow the OSHA recommended safety procedures while cleaning and disposing of biohazards waste materials in Lakeland. Our team is fully insured and uses the necessary protective equipment to avoid exposure to infectious biohazards during the cleaning process.

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