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Hoarding Cleanup Services In Kissimmee, FL

HAZstat is a full service company providing comprehensive hoarding cleanup services in Kissimmee, FL. Our team provides help for hoarders to remove clutter and clean up their property. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing hoarding clean up help to the clients who have a habit of collecting unnecessary items. Our team has the expertise to relieve your stress and restore your home to its habitable state.

Our professional cleaners at HAZstat know that hoarding can have hazardous effects on humans and pets. Accumulation of feces, urine, blood, rotten food and other knick-knacks can create an unsafe environment in the house. It can block HVAC vents and lead to growth of mold as well as bacteria. This can even prevent normal cleaning and cause unhygienic conditions in the home. Our team in Kissimmee will sanitize and disinfect your home in the best possible way.

Complete Property Cleanup Services In Kissimmee

  • Cleaning clutter
  • Recovering legal papers, important documents and valuables
  • Packaging and transportation of hoarded items
  • Deodorizing the property
  • Removing trash and junk
  • Delivering dumpsters and storage containers
  • Disposing biohazard wastes

Why Choose HAZstat For Hoarding Clean Up In Kissimmee?

  • Licensed and registered from Florida Department of Health
  • Emergency hoarding clean up services
  • Unmarked vehicles for discretion
  • Experienced and qualified cleaning team
  • Advanced cleaning equipment
  • Quick response time in Kissimmee
  • Comprehensive property restoration services

Efficient Animal Hoarding Clean Up In Kissimmee

If you are looking for animal hoarding clean up services in Kissimmee, get in touch with us. Feces, urine, rodent dropping and dead animals can disinfect as well as spread foul odors in your property. Furthermore, it can also have a dangerous impact on the animals living in the house.  We, at HAZstat, will conduct a thorough hoarding clean up and disinfect your property in Kissimmee. Our team will make sure that the cleaning job is done in a professional and efficient manner.

Contact Us For Complete Hoarding Cleanup Help in Kissimmee

Our hoarding cleaners use the OSHA recommended protective gear to avoid exposure to biohazards. Our team will remove the trash, disinfect and sanitize your property to protect you against potential health hazards.  We make sure that the cleaning process is carried out in the most efficient and streamlined manner. We will also arrange for repair work for the areas that have been damaged due to the hoarding

For more information about hoarding cleanup services in Kissimmee, feel free to contact us at (407) 809-5559.