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Crime Scene Cleanup Services In Kissimmee, FL

We, at HAZstat, can clean, disinfect and sanitize your property following a crime scene in Kissimmee, FL. Our team uses advanced equipment to remove blood stains, bodily tissues and harmful pathogens from the crime scene. We also remove and dispose contaminated furniture, clothing, upholstery etc. from the area.

Homicide, suicide, accident, stabbing, shooting and other criminal incidents can be a source of emotional distress for the friends as well as family members of the victim. At HAZstat, we understand that such situations need to be handled with utmost care. Thus, we provide you with complete emotional support to and clean the crime scene to avoid getting them traumatized further. We aim at helping you deal with this emotional situation and restoring your home to the habitable state.

What Are The Risks Of Inappropriate Crime Scene Cleaning?

Dealing with a suicide, homicide, accident or trauma can be overwhelming and police investigations can further worsen the misery. Our compassionate team strives to help you deal with the situation efficiently. We use advanced cleaning equipment to safely remove and clean biological contaminants from crime scene so that you do not have to confront the remnants repeatedly.

You can put yourself at risk of hazardous infections if you try to clean up the crime scene yourself. Direct or indirect exposure to even a small amount of biohazard waste can prove to be harmful. Due to the toxic nature of the bodily fluids present at the crime scene, they cannot be removed by regular household cleaning solutions. Thus, hiring professional trauma clean up services is essential.

Crime Scene Cleanup Services Provided In Kissimmee

  • Removing fingerprint dust powder, tear gas and pepper spray residue
  • Cleaning blood and bodily fluids
  • Deodorizing the property
  • Cleaning of fire extinguisher residue
  • Removing contaminants from furniture, clothing, upholstery etc.

Why Choose HAZstat For Crime Cleanup In Kissimmee?

  • Over 20 years of experience in providing crime scene cleanup services
  • Licensed and registered from Florida Department of Health
  • Immediate and round the clock services across Kissimmee
  • Advanced cleaning equipment and procedures
  • Trained technicians


Our highly experienced team can handle even the most complex trauma and crime scenes in Kissimmee. We use the state recommended protective equipment to avoid exposure to biohazard wastes. We follow guidelines specified by OSHA to safely remove and dispose of the biohazards from your property. We also maintain confidentiality while providing crime scene clean up services. Our cleaning vehicles are unmarked for discretion and make sure not to reveal anything to the neighbors or media.

If you are looking for crime scene cleanup services in Kissimmee, FL, contact HAZstat. We can be reached at 

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