Infectious Disease Cleanup and Prevention

Infectious Disease Cleanup Services in Florida

The recent outbreaks and potential spread of infectious diseases are at a high risk rate. These infecting agents may be transmitted through liquids, food, body fluids, contaminated items, and airborne inhalation. Health hazards that can arise from certain communicable diseases can be severe and even life threatening. MRSA, Staph, C-diff and H1N1 (Flu) are among the most common viral and bacterium infections. A infectious disease cleanup should be handled by a professional trained in the proper disinfecting procedures to eliminate possible cross contamination and spread.

Infectious Disease Cleanup Services in Florida


HAZstat is specially trained in the decontamination of infectious diseases and super bugs in Florida. We have the experience and the equipment to treat any facility or vehicle. We meet all EPA guidelines for the removal and disposal of infectious contaminants.

If you are concerned about the presence and spread of an infectious disease, we can help. Don’t take a chance on an infectious disease outbreak. Contact HAZstat if you have a question about our services or if you have a concern about a situation that may contain airborne or surface contaminants. Completely removing all traces of infectious materials is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. We will respond in a timely and confidential manner to help put together a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Viral and Bacterial Prevention Treatment Services

HAZstat offers prevention treatment services for hotels, healthcare, nursing homes, schools, daycare, transportation services and other facilities. Standard cleaners do not kill MRSA, C-diff, HIV and Hepatitis. These require special cleaning agents and procedures. We can provide your facility with a one time or scheduled plan to keep your daily business operating without the concern of surface and the concern of getting or spreading bacterium and blood-borne diseases. Call us today for a free consultation. Toll Free 1-855-429-7828.


Infectious Disease Cleanup in Florida

For immediate assistance call toll free: 1-855-HAZSTAT

HAZstat will answer all your questions and help you through this process.

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Also visit us at for odor removal caused by pet, smoke, decomposition and bodily fluids.

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