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Hoarding Cleanup Services In Daytona Beach, FL

HAZstat has been helping families across Daytona Beach, FL to clean up properties that have been hoarded with unnecessary papers, rotten food, animal feces, rodent droppings, trash etc. Seeking professional help for hoarder can be really difficult. Excessive accumulation of trash, garbage, paper and other items in the house may lead to various health risks, both for the hoarder and the family members. When you choose us for hoarding cleanup, you can rest assured that the task will be handled safely and efficiently. We have years of experience in providing assistance to the hoarders throughout the cleanup and recovery process.

Whether you have been unable to maintain your property due to a physical illness or a psychological problem, we can help you make it habitable again. Our professional team in Daytona Beach offer in-depth property cleanup services in order to avoid exposure to fire hazards, foul odors, bacterial growth, rodent or insect infestation and other such potential threats.

We Provide Hoarding Cleanup Help For:

  • Trash And Garbage Hoarders
  • Animal Hoarders
  • Food Hoarders
  • Shopping Hoarders
  • Recycling Hoarders
  • Books And Periodicals Hoarders, etc.

We Are The Hoarding Cleanup Specialists In Daytona Beach

When you need efficient and complete hoarding cleanup services in Daytona Beach, HAZstat is the name to trust. Our team comprises of highly trained, licensed and insured professionals who know how to clean the property in a productive manner. When you hire our services, we will:

  • Perform an intensive clutter cleaning
  • Help to recover important documents and valuables
  • Remove odors and disinfect the area
  • Eliminate biohazard wastes, such as animal droppings, feces, urine, dead animals etc.
  • Initiate repair work for the areas of the home that have been damaged due to hoarding
  • Donate unwanted items to various charities in Daytona Beach
  • Provide pods, storage containers and dumpsters for proper packaging as well as transportation of hoarded items

At HAZstat, we understand that efficient hoarding cleanup requires the use of specialized clothing and respiratory equipment. Our team has gone through rigorous training and is certified by the Florida Department of Health to remove and dispose of a wide range of biohazard materials, such as animal feces as well as bodily fluids. We come fully prepared to avoid exposure to any bio-hazard dangers from your home in Daytona Beach. Our hoarding cleanup team will arrive in unmarked vehicles and work discreetly to address your privacy concerns.

Get in touch with HAZstat for comprehensive hoarding cleanup services in Daytona Beach, FL. We can be reached at      (407) 809-5559.