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Crime Scene Cleanup Costs for Services

Crime scene cleanup costs can depend on several factors. A few are; How long is the cleanup going to take? How many technicians will be needed?  And how much bio-hazardous waste will need to be disposed of.  These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before pricing a cost of crime scene cleanup service. Calling a local Florida crime scene cleanup company like HAZstat can reduce your costs dramatically.  Before hiring a crime scene cleanup company in Florida click here and ask the important questions.Crime Scene Cleanup Costs

How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Costs?

HAZstat offers professional crime scene cleanup and odor removal services at competitive prices. An over the phone quote is hard to give without assessing a scene. Once we have evaluated the property you will be given a free quote with no hidden charges.  We provide our customers with honest and affordable up front pricing. If you are a victim of a crime in Florida you may be eligible for financial assistance from The Florida Attorney General’s Division of Victim Services for crime scene cleanup services.

Home Owners, Commercial Property and Auto Insurance Accepted

Often home owners, commercial property, renter and auto insurance policies will cover our services. HAZstat works directly with your  insurance adjuster, and will assist you in all aspects of the claim process. We also accept most major credit cards. HAZstat understands and offers financial hardship assistance including a variety of payment options for our customers. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Crime Scene Cleanup Costs in Florida

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