Body Decomposition Cleanup Services in Ft Myers, FL

Dead body decomposition cleanup is especially necessary in a trauma case. Blood and other bodily fluids must be handled with extreme caution during the cleanup process.

Coming in direct contact with bodily fluids can lead to severe health risks to infectious diseases, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.  Decaying odors which accompany these scenes can permeate throughout the structure including walls, carpet, concrete, wood, and personal items. Having all the appropriate qualifications and equipment is crucial for any decomposition cleanup.

Decomposition cleanup scenes can be among the most difficult. We understand that you need time to process the loss. We are dedicated to helping you get through this time and decreasing the responsibilities left to you.  We are here for you and we’ll be considerate, confidential and respectful. Our cleanup team will arrive in unmarked vehicles, to ensure your privacy. We will speak to no one besides our team members and you, unless we are legally obligated.

An unnoticed death, whether it be a couple of hours, days, or months is classified as an unattended death. Body decomposition is very hazardous to anyone in or around the area when and especially after it has occurred. A deceased person that has been undiscovered for a period of time can cause a large amount of unseen damage to a home or property. Potential health hazards can ensue if not remediated properly and thoroughly.

There are many threats that accompany human health when a body decomposes.

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