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Animal Hoarding And The Devastating Effects On Animals

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding can be devastating. Animal hoarders are very attached to their pets. Unfortunately, this disorder has devastating effects on the beloved animals they hoard. Providing basic care to pets can be a challenging task for a hoarder. Animals suffer from limited access to veterinary care, food and water. Without these basic necessities, a hoarder’s animals do not have a chance at a healthy and active life.

Multiple animals cramped within small areas can lead to health and aggression problems. The many accumulated animals living in filthy conditions, usually in their own urine and feces, can lead to sickness and parasites. Sadly, these neglected animals can also get trapped in walls, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. Many animals, usually dogs and cats are stuffed into small cages with others. A hoarder’s collection of animals condemns the pets to a slow and agonizing death.

Animal Hoarder Cleanup Help

If you know someone who may be hoarding animals please get help for them. Everyone deserves to live in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

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