After Death Cleanup/Suicide Cleanup

When you discover the remains of a loved one following an unattended death, you have enough emotional weight to carry without adding the additional trauma of personally cleaning up the scene. Adding the burden of personally cleaning up the aftermath of the death heightens the possibility that you’ll experience traumatic grief. Traumatic grief is an ultimately unhealthy response to the death of a loved one. Traumatic grief can stem from, to be compounded by, the discovery of a loved one’s body following an unattended death. 

Hazstat Hillsborough County Biohazard Cleanup technicians are specially trained in all aspects of a death cleanup process. This includes a suicide cleanup and an unattended death cleanup. Our goal is to alleviate any additional pain to all family and friends involved.

The Expert Hillsborough County HAZstat team understands that immediate response and personal discretion are both very important. With our death cleanup services we make it our personal mission to arrive in a professional, compassionate and discreet manner to serve you in your time of need.

And when you need us, our technicians are experienced in the handling of biohazard materials. These include blood, bodily fluids and body decomposition.

These substances can penetrate deep into surfaces. A thorough decontamination and all potential contaminants will be eliminated to ensure a clean and safe environment. This is done as quickly as possible. 

Moreover, we also provide decomposition cleanup along with Mattress removal and disposal services. HAZstat is a registered trauma cleaning provider and bio-waste transporter with the Florida Department of Health #7635.

If you have questions about how much the cleaning after a death would costs in Hillsborough County, if your homeowners or property insurance would cover a death scene cleaning or if you may qualify for victim services visit our crime scene cleanup costs page or we can answer your questions by contacting us now.

Services Include;

  • unattended death
  • crime cleanup
  • suicide cleanup
  • trauma cleanup
  • blood cleanup
  • commercial & industrial accidents
  • communicable disease disinfection
  • biohazard remediation & disinfection

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