Body Decomposition Cleanup/ Unattended Death Cleanup

Body Decomposition Cleanup Services in The Villages, FL

Death is something that no one is prepared to face, especially when a loved one dies suddenly and alone.

Deceased person cleanup is such a sensitive situation both emotionally and physically for everyone involved. Unnoticed or untreated biological materials following an unattended death and human decomposition present major health hazards to those around it and may negatively impact the value of the home, apartment, or building. For these reasons, it is imperative that you leave cleanup and restoration to professionals. An unattended death requires an experienced crew of deceased person clean up technicians to remediate.

Bacteria are responsible for the odor of body decomposition. When a person dies, the natural process of decomposition begins immediately, and potentially harmful bacteria are released into the air and the surrounding areas. Even the smallest amount of biological material left untreated can make a residence unlivable.

A porous material, including wood, carpet, drywall, or concrete, will absorb body fluids and odor. Because of this absorption, it is recommended that you dispose of porous materials rather than clean or wash them. Proper disposal is critical and therefore requires a professional.

Another concern as part of the cleanup up process is the deceased individual’s health condition. There is also the potential to come in contact with bloodborne pathogens.

While decomposition is perfectly normal, traditional home cleaning solutions are not sufficient to properly remove, safely clean, sanitize, and disinfect areas affected by human decomposition.

We, at HAZstat understand that biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health hazards. Our team offers comprehensive cleanup services for properties in The Villages, FL. We are well equipped to provide cleanup for suicide, unattended death, and homicides.

Here is a list of our cleanup services offered in The Villages:

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