Body Decomposition Cleanup/ Unattended Death Cleanup

Body Decomposition Cleanup Services in Plant City, FL

An untrained property owner or family member should not undertake a decomposition cleanup after an unattended death. Rather, a professional biohazard remediation service should be engaged. Moreover, if a loved one was lost in this manner, enduring the emotional trauma of this type of cleanup is not advisable.

The cleanup process should start as quickly as possible. The biological discharges associated with decomposition can cause permanent damage to the premises. Starting the remediation process as promptly as possible aids in reducing the overall damage to the premises.

The stages of the decomposition cleanup process after an unattended death are:

  • Initial cleanup (removal of biohazardous wastes from the scene)
  • Sanitization (completely eliminating hazardous microorganisms from the scene using medical grade chemicals)
  • Deodorization (eliminating odors associated with decomposition using commercial deodorizing agents)
  • Restoration (returning the premises to a habitable or useable state)

HAZstat is a registered medical waste transporter with the Florida Department of Health. We will rapidly respond to your situation with compassion and discretion. Our trained technicians will thoroughly remove all traces of biological substances as quickly as possible. Contact us for any questions you may have about costs of service or if your insurance will cover a decomposition cleanup.

Decomposition Cleanup in Plant City, Florida

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